Prof. Dr. Ir. Jann Hidajat Tjakraatmadja, MSIE


Jann was a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering (1997) and pursued his postgraduate in Master of Industrial Engineering at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium (1981). After completed the Master degree, he congratulated his Doctoral degree in Knowledge Management (2001) from the Faculty of Industrial Technology-Institut Teknologi Bandung-Indonesia.

Jann started and developed his academic career as a full-time lecturer in Faculty of Industrial Technology-Institut Teknologi Bandung. He conducted some courses: Method and Time Study, Production System and Management of Technology. During the academic career, he has already published three books for the students and public: Teknik Tata Cara Kerja (1980), Manajemen Teknologi (1996) and Knowledge Management dalam Konteks Organisasi Pembelajar (2007).

Jann has been one of founder of School of Business and Management (SBM)-ITB since 2003, and directly lead as the Director of MBA program (2003-2005). Because of his performance, he has been recognized by ITB to be a Vice Dean of Academic Affairs until 2009. In SBM-ITB, he conducts and being an expert of Knowledge Management and Information Technology, People Management, Learning Organization and Organizational Behavior in Organizations. However, besides acting as an academician, he shows his pro-active in a professional and academics community, trusted to be President of Knowledge Management Society Indonesia (KMSI) since 2007 until now. Therefore, he has well known as a Professor in Knowledge Management and Learning Organization in many Indonesian organizations.

At the present time, Jann is a Head of People Management and Entrepreneurship in SBM-ITB, covering knowledge management, change management and human capital management experts.