Enforcement Management: Do We Need It in KM Implementation (KMSI Sharing Surabaya)

KM Sharing SurabayaThe Obstacles in Implementing KM and Business Performance:

  1. Knowledge is Power
  2. Not invented here syndrome
  3. Defensive
  4. People do not think about sharing knowledge
  5. People don’t understand knowledge sharing
  6. People are reluctant to receive and digest information shared by others
  7. The organisational culture is top-down management
  8. People are too busy
  9. No WIIFM (What is in it for me?)

8 Steps in Implementing KM Successfully:

  1. Top Management Buy In
  2. KM Objective and Blueprint
  3. Strategic Knowledge Identification
  4. KM Processes
  5. KM Awareness and Campaign
  6. Knowledge Flow
  7. Collaborative and Repository System
  8. Sustaining and Development