Emilia Fitriana Dewi, M.B.A

Emilia was a bachelor of Law from Parahyangan Unversity. In 2011, she got her master degree in Business Administration from SBM ITB. After graduated from bachelor degree, she has much experience as Public Relation and Marketing Communication. Currently her expertise is on knowledge management and management practice.


Dany M. Athory Ramdlany

Dany had graduated from Indonesia University of Education with a bachelor’s degree in English Education. After graduated in 2013, he was an interpreter for international football Competition in Yogyakarta. Now he is a student in Communication Science at Padjadjaran University and also an English Teacher. He is an energetic, responsible and ambitious person who has[…]


Dematria Pringgabayu, MM.

Dematria Pringgabayu had graduated from Parahyangan University majoring in Public Administration. In 2016, He gets his master degree in Management from Widyatama University. After graduated from bachelor degree, he has much experience in manufacture industry as HR Officer and social media agency as Head Analyst, and now he is an academic tutor in SBM-ITB. His[…]


Prof. Dr. Ir. Jann Hidajat Tjakraatmadja, MSIE

Jann was a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering (1997) and pursued his postgraduate in Master of Industrial Engineering at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium (1981). After completed the Master degree, he congratulated his Doctoral degree in Knowledge Management (2001) from the Faculty of Industrial Technology-Institut Teknologi Bandung-Indonesia. Jann started and developed his academic career as[…]