About Us

Center of Knowledge for Business Competitiveness (CK4BC) is one of research centers in SBM ITB which conducts research in the fields of People and Knowledge Management, gives consultations and public coaching, and even cooperates in the fields of Human Capital, Knowledge Management, Employee Engagement, Corporate Culture, and Innovation.

The missions of CK4BC:

  • Organizational Level: inspiring and building Knowledge-based Organization to create values for organization.
  • Social Level: inspiring and building Knowledge-based society to create Knowledge-based Economy.

CK4BC establishes collaborative research with industries and government which possess a related topic of research in the concerned field of experts and researchers in CK4BC. The collaborative research conducted in CK4BC is also one of final assignment projects or theses conducted by students.

CK4BC has been being trusted by institutions and government in synergic cooperation to become consultant in organizational management.

CK4BC actively participates in Knowledge Management Society Indonesia which is professional organization for applicants, activists, and practitioners of Knowledge Management in Indonesia.

Program CK4BC:

Information Center
for knowledge management activities, particularly in Indonesia.

Joint Research
Knowledge Management research with other faculties, other universities and other institution.

Publication of research through seminar, conference and journal.

Training for institutions and organizations about knowledge management.

Providing consultation for industries which want to improve understanding and implementation of knowledge management.

Building NETWORK in knowledge management.